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For Investment Sponsors and Distributors

As a specialized wealth management firm that employs an endowment style approach to investing, Atomi Financial Group is continuously striving to find the best possible investments. Naturally, every investment that we consider goes through a rigorous due diligence process.

We welcome investment sponsors and distributors to contact us with information about their investment program. We receive an extremely high volume of prospective investment firms contacting us for consideration. To help us screen, filter, and prioritize investments with which we would like to conduct due diligence, we have created the following prospective investment intake process. Please note:

  • Because of the volume of requests we receive, we cannot consider an investment unless it goes through our intake screening process.

  • We manage investments according to a model. This means we have particular needs with respect to asset classes and other characteristics. Consequently, we turn away the majority of investment programs under consideration.

  • If your investment program is “illiquid” (e.g., cannot be sold immediately), we have additional due diligence requirements, such as:

    • We require a third-party due diligence report from a reputable vendor such as Buttonwood, Mick & Associates, FactRight, or SK Research. Rarely do we make an exception to this guideline.

    • As a fee-based firm, Atomi must have accurate data provided to our accounting software. We give preference to sponsors that have taken steps to provide regular pricing data. Example of such steps include: being available on our custodial platform, providing data through DST FAN Mail, or providing data through some other technology.

In addition to completing our questionnaire below, please attach any documents that you think we may find useful in considering your investment. There is no standard set of documents that we require. Summaries are best, but one page tear sheets showing only performance are not sufficient. Please do not send PPMs, operating agreements, or documents that are longer than 10 pages. We do not review them in the first step of our due diligence process. We will request this additional information if your investment is to be considered by our firm.

We will contact you if we need additional information. Please do not call us to see if we have considered your investment. Fielding calls from investment sponsors takes time away from our clients and our clients are our top priority. Therefore, we do not accept phone calls from investment sponsors until the second stage of the process where we request additional information.

Prospective Investment Questionnaire

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