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Creating Win-Win Opportunities

Atomi Financial Group has a deep passion for working with Non-Profits. From managing endowments to donor development, Atomi serves as a valuable bridge between charitable-minded individuals and well-deserving charities. Atomi’s Non-Profit solutions include:

Endowment Management

Atomi provides non-profits with an array of endowment management services, including:

  • Portfolio Management

  • Investment Policy Statement creation and compliance


Certain administrative services, such as: acceptance of illiquid gifts, cost-effective liquidation, consolidated monthly reporting, customized performance measurement reporting, and periodic market updates with corresponding asset allocation recommendation

Endowment Mgmt
Planned Giving Program Management

​Atomi offers planning giving program management solutions, such as:

Charitable Gift Annuity Services

Atomi’s Charitable Gift Annuity services begins with basic gift administration services, such as determining the suitability of marketable securities or other assets received for contracts issued; ensuring that all necessary information has been supplied to initiate payments; determining the value of gifts donated to your plan; helping to liquidate assets as necessary; and calculating, if desired, the charitable income tax deduction applicable to any current or deferred gift annuity contract.


Once a Charitable Gift Annuity is established, Atomi is able to provide a portfolio management solution with an eye for Non-Profit needs, such as periodically reviewing investment policies and donor and institutional needs and objectives; rebalancing your portfolio as necessary to maintain your desired asset allocation; and ensuring that investments of gift annuity proceeds comply with appropriate regulatory guidelines.

Atomi’s tax reporting includes preparing and distributing all required IRS form 1099-Rs. 

Charitable Remainder Trust Services

Atomi’s Charitable Remainder Trust services involves an overall portfolio management solution that includes reviewing current investment policy coupled with ongoing consultation, recommending investment strategy and coordinating implementation, providing customized asset allocation, suggesting tax-efficient investment strategies and offering proprietary and third-party institutional mutual funds, as appropriate.


Atomi’s gift administration services include acting as trustee for any type of charitable trust arrangement, administering a wide variety of assets that can be placed in trust, including securities, real estate and partnership interests, and generating beneficiary distributions, including direct deposits and electronic funds transfers. We also provide access to account information via the Internet.

Comprehensive reporting capabilities including customized donor statements, detailed sub-accounting for pooled charitable trust arrangements, trust accounting statements, performance measurement reports, and, annual trust tax returns (Forms 1041 and 5227).

Planned Giving
Donor Development

Atomi assists Non-Profit organizations and their consultants with donor development initiatives. The scope of Atomi’s work is typically limited to providing technical assistance regarding gifting options, educating potential donors, and providing best practices.


Atomi also makes available its advisers for fund raising related speaking engagements.

Donor Development
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