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Online Investing. Institutional Expertise.

Atomi Financial Group offers a fully-automated investment management platform. Our online portfolios are comprised of ETFs representing a diverse set of asset classes, including domestic equities, foreign equities, fixed income, real estate, and other alternatives. Each portfolio is built and managed by the same team that manages Atomi’s “endowment style” portfolios, and benefits from the many years’ experience of its investment management team.

Our auto-rebalancing technology includes a tax-harvesting component to help ensure your assets are managed as efficiently as possible. Moreover, there are no trading commissions or custody fees, so more of your money is working for you.


Access to Financial Advice

Unlike nearly all other online investment platforms, clients who utilize Atomi’s online investment management platform have access to a licensed financial adviser who serves in a fiduciary capacity. Once your account has been established, Atomi will contact you to schedule a phone or video call with a Personal Strategist to review your situation, goals, and risk tolerances. We’ll confirm that your selected portfolio is aligned and that you understand how to access your accounts. We’ll also schedule periodic reviews to make sure you’re on track to meeting your goals. And, should you ever have a question, concern, or need, you’re always welcome to contact us.

Endowment Mgmt

​Atomi’s fees are some of the most competitive in the industry:

Planned Giving
Key Benefits

We believe there are numerous benefits to utilizing Atomi’s automated investment platform. Key benefits include:

  • Low management cost with no transaction commissions or custody fees

  • Professionally-managed portfolios with automatic rebalancing

  • Access to an Atomi Personal Strategist

Donor Development

​Onboading is simple, only takes a few minutes, and is entirely online

  • Step 1:  Enter your name and email address below.

  • Step 2: We will send you a link to Schwab’s Institutional Intelligent Portfolios gateway along with Atomi’s Advisor Program Key.

  • Step 3: Once at Schwab’s gateway, you will enter Atomi’s Program Key, then complete a brief questionnaire that helps establish which portfolio is most appropriate for you.

  • Step 4: You will be given options to fund your account, ranging from depositing cash to transferring assets from an existing account.

  • Step 5: Atomi will send you one additional form to sign. This form helps us understand more about who you are and establish our relationship as your adviser.

  • Step 6: Atomi will contact you to schedule your introductory call with your Atomi Personal Strategist.

  • Step 7: After your account is funded, Atomi will schedule periodic review calls with you.

Let's Get Started

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