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Newsbite: Americans Still Favor Real Estate for Long-Term Investment

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StartFragmentResults from a Gallup poll conducted in early April 2017 confirm that most Americans prefer real estate for long-term investing.

Approximately one-third of Americans say real estate is the best long-term investment. Comparatively, only 19% of Americans felt real estate was the best long-term investment back in 2011.

Stocks rank second, with 26% of Americans voting it the best long-term investment. This is up from the 19% of Americans who felt stocks were the best long-term investment in 2011.

Gold lost the most favor with Americans over the past few years, down from a high of 34% in 2011 to just 18% today. Americans have also lost interest in Savings Accounts and Bonds as their best long-term investment.

To view the complete report, CLICK HERE


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