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Some Perspective on Recent Market Volatility

In light of recent market volatility, we at Atomi wanted to reach out and promptly address concerns we expect are on top of your mind.

While it is always prudent to be cautious during periods of large swings in market indices, such as we’ve seen lately, we believe that the current conditions are not cause for alarm, nor require any changes to our current liquid portfolio allocations. Here are four good reasons why:

  1. The market declines are eye grabbing, but not as severe or widespread as the financial media (a combination of news and entertainment), would have you believe.

  2. Your liquid portfolio is highly diversified across a broad range of securities, markets, and sectors.

  3. We went into this period with a somewhat defensive / conservative posture to begin with. Our last rebalance had factored in an increase in short-term volatility. Consequently, we decided to hold some cash and other positions for insulation.

  4. We generally allocate a portion of investable assets to illiquid investments that are low- to non-correlated to stock indices.

The entire team at Atomi is monitoring market developments, and we are ready to take action as warranted. In fact, even now we, and our friends at Anfield Capital, are evaluating tactical contrarian moves designed to take advantage of the market pullback.

Our overall forecast for 2018 is positive, while at the same time allowing for the possibility of a meaningful market re-set in the 10% to 20% range. We are confident that there is sufficient strong economic growth, liquidity, and appetite for risk to support sensible stock prices such that the U.S. stock market will retrace these short-term losses and deliver solid positive returns in 2018.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. Rest assured that we will proactively contact you if developments warrant.

All the best, and thank you for your trust, confidence, and patience during this turbulent, and we believe transitory, market environment.

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