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Start with Why

While any website will describe the “what” and “how” of a financial services firm, they often do not answer the most important question - why? More specifically: why does Atomi Financial Group exist and why do its people work here?

"To help people achieve their best potential life" is both our answer and our mission statement.

Our answer is rooted in our deep desire to help others and have a direct impact on the quality of life of individuals. And, while "achieving one's best potential life" means something different for each client, we can find commonality through two concepts: lifestyle and significance.​

"To help people achieve their best potential life" is both our answer and our mission statement.

We define lifestyle as the life you live for your own benefit. It is the pursuit of the items, activities, and experiences that bring pleasure and happiness. As your financial adviser, our job is to align all your resources so that you may secure a lifestyle that is both within your means and meets your vision of a flourishing retirement.

We define significance as the life you live for the benefit of others. Whether it is the caring and support of family members, or the desire to contribute to a favorite charity, as your financial adviser, our job is to help you uncover the causes and people with which you’re most connected, then help determine how to best utilize your resources for their benefit while still maintaining your lifestyle.


As you learn more about Atomi Financial Group, you'll see how we've integrated "lifestyle" and "significance" elements throughout everything we do.

Start with Why
Atomi in a Nutshell

We built this website to help you understand whether we may be a good match as your financial services partner. Its content is based on our many years of experience working with clients and hearing common (and not so common) questions asked. While it is a bit longer than a typical website, we encourage you to spend the time to get to know us better.

We also understand the benefit of getting to the point. For those who want the bottom line, you can understand Atomi as follows:

Core Principles

  • To help clients set and achieve realistic life and financial goals

  • To help clients organize all their finances and coordinate all the financial professionals in their life

  • To save clients time and energy

  • To eliminate or disclose any conflicts of interest

  • To challenge the status quo in the search for finding the best solutions

Key Attributes

  • Single point of contact who coordinates a multi-disciplinary team

  • Holistic approach with a clearly defined process ensures all issues and opportunities are addressed

  • Guided discovery sessions that help create vision of “ideal” future

  • Interactive “what if” scenario planning uncovers best possible financial decisions

  • Endowment-style investment philosophy emphasizes true diversification and risk reduction

  • Complete range of personal and commercial risk management solutions

  • Fully-transparent fee structure combined with fiduciary business model reduces conflicts of interest

Our Ethics














As a fiduciary (as defined in the U.S. Investment Advisers Act of 1940), Atomi Financial Group is held to a higher standard than most other financial services firms, which only adhere to a suitability standard. In all matters, our client's best interests are considered first. Any potential conflicts of interest are either eliminated or fully disclosed. In addition, Atomi's commitment to complete cost transparency helps give clients the confidence that their goals, their money, and their financial team are all aligned.

To understand how Atomi applies its fiduciary responsibility, before any client-related decision or recommendation is made, representatives at Atomi must address the following two questions:

  1. Would I still recommend this if I was the client?

  2. Would I still recommend this if the entire interaction was going to be on the front page of tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal?

Ultimately, by maintaining a firm-wide ethical standard that is higher than expected, our clients gain confidence in knowing that their best interests are always being considered, even when they may not be aware it’s happening.

For more information on the differences between fiduciary and suitability standards, please read Investopedia's informative article by CLICKING HERE

Our Firms, Partners, and People

Like you, we value experience. Each of our team members has been practicing their respective expertise for over 15 years. And yet, we know the body of knowledge required to provide a comprehensive financial solution is too great for any one company. Which is why Atomi has partnered with outside specialists who, when coordinated by your Atomi Personal Strategist, are able to complement your overall financial picture.

Consequently, we're able to integrate knowledge from many diverse fields including behavioral finance, retirement planning, tax mitigation planning, estate transfer planning, risk management, and charitable gift planning.

For bios on our people and an overview of Atomi's affiliations, please click on the following button:

Our "Endowment Style" Approach to Investing

Atomi Financial Group's investment philosophy is very similar to the asset allocation methodologies employed by major universities like Yale and Harvard. Why? Because we believe their approach offers the potential for superior risk-adjusted returns and lower volatility through all market cycles.

​While most investment managers subscribe to modern portfolio theory (MPT), this strategy fails to recognize the fundamental differences in today’s markets versus when MPT was first introduced in 1952. Factors, such as globalization, ETFs, and hyper-traders, have increased the correlation across traditional asset classes and eroded the benefits of diversification.

However, by investing significantly into non-traditional asset classes, such as hedge funds, private equity, and real estate, endowments could find investments with a low correlation to each other as well as to traditional stocks and bonds.

By lowering the correlation between assets, endowments could lower a portfolio's volatility and provide consistent returns, even when traditional equity markets suffered periods of tremendous volatility and consistent negative returns.  

​Although there are no guarantees that an endowment-style portfolio will outperform the S&P 500 or other equity-based benchmarks in the short-term, an analysis of the returns of the largest endowments shows that, on average, portfolios that follow an endowment approach tend to generate higher returns with lower volatility in the long run.

​For a deep dive into how Atomi expands its investment universe and incorporates non-traditional asset classes, please click on the following button:

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